Studio A’s spacious client desk and seating area is great for a larger group of creatives. Whether you’re working on a 30 second TV spot, an industrial film, a weekly syndication or a full length motion picture, Studio A was designed with you in mind.
Audio lock to picture
Random Access Video
Ampex CVR-75 Beta SP video deck
Sony BVU 850 Umatic video deck
Panasonic AG-7500 S-VHS video deck
Tascam DA-88 /SY-88 multitrack
Tascam AE/88
Neumann U-87i
TubeTech MP1A
Urei LA-22
Yamaha o2r
Emagic Logic Audio Platinum
Digidesign Pro-tools 24 (24 bit)
Digidesign 888/24 Interfaces
Panasonic 3700 Dat recorder
Sony R-500 Dat recorder
HHB 850 CD Recorder
Urei 1176
Tascam 42 2 track
Sony Cassette Decks
Sony CD player
Telos Zephyr - ISDN Land Patch
You'll enjoy working in our Spacious Production Areas