Studio B is perfect for long term projects, radio and TV commercials and audio editing. It supports a full midi setup as well as all of the digital capabilities of Studio A.
Audio Lock-To-Picture
Analog /Digital Hybrid
Emagic Logic Audio Platinum
Pro-tools 24/TDM
Digidesign 888 Interfaces
Panasonic 3700 Dat recorder
Sony R-500 Dat recorder
Urei LA-22
Neve Prism Rack
Urei 1176
Teletronix LA2A
Pultec PEQ1a
Sony R-7
Lexicon PCM-60
TubeTec MP1A
Finalizer plus
HHB 850 CD burner
Tascam 42 2 track
Sony Cassette Decks
Sony CD player
Neumann U-87i
Telos Zephyr - ISDN Land Patch
Full Midi Setup for Custom Music